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This week's featured recording:

Veni Creator Spiritus:  III. Duo
by Nicolas deGrigny

One of the last recordings I made before the organ console was refurbished last summer was this piece for Pentecost. It took an extra half hour to get some of the notes to start working, and by that time the building's alarm system had come on for the evening and the security personnel came to deal with the intruder in  the sanctuary! Ah, the good old days.

I think you'll enjoy this piece, back-story aside. Unlike the pompous first movement in typically French classical style, this delightful duo just bounces off the page.

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Monday 5/11

The Simple Life

La vie est magnifique

Wednesday 5/13

pictures from the festival concert weekend

Friday 5/15
Welcome to this year's Pentecost program
It's going to be a little windy, but otherwise very nice.

upcoming performances....
--gig with "Timezone" Saturday May 29 at "Cowboy Monkey" in Champaign, time TBA (9pm-ish?)

April 17th house concert

If you weren't at the house concert I gave on April 17th, you can experience it via the web--by listening to recordings of (nearly) every piece on the program and reading about my thoughts on the composers and their music. If you were at said concert, you can experience it all over again, in whole or in part. Enjoy!

                     The program 

    The Simpletons of Sologne
     In Imitation of Birds

Schumann: Scenes from Childhood
Of Strange Lands and People
Curious Story
Blind man's Bluff
Pleading Child
Happy Enough
Important Event
By the Fireside
Knight of the Hobbyhorse
Almost too Serious
Child Falling Asleep
The Author Speaks

Kotzwara: The Battle of Prague

--pause for food---

Satie: Sports and Recreations
Choral inappetissant
La Belancoire
La Chasse
La Comedie italienne
Le Reveil de la Mariee
La Peche
Le Yachting
Le Bain de mer
Le Carnaval
Le Golf
La Pieuvre
Les Courses
Les Quatre-coins
Le Picque-nique
Le Water-chute
Le Tango perpetuel
Le Traineau
Le Flirt
Le Feu d'artifice
Le Tennis

Joplin: The Crush Collision March
Joplin: The Maple Leaf Rag
"Use Your Imagination"
When is a piece of music not simply a piece of music? Is that healthy? Pieces of music with interesting titles and the reasons (or lack of reasons) behind them.

the "Use Your Imagination" Concert blog series

At the risk of looking like Amazon, people who liked those articles also liked--well, here is some supplemental material on the composers or pieces from this concert:  

 Respecting Mr. Joplin 

Joplin's battle to bring dignity to his person and his art
Erik Satie, the Individual

Topping the Charts 

An Uberpopular cell phone ringtone signals the decline of civilization for those who like to lament this sort of thing