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Music is meaningless noise unless it touches a receiving mind.

-- Paul Hindemith

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The Game room  

Musical Games from around the internet

Musical Video Games   If you like shooting missiles, avoiding falling bombs, scoring points, and trying to beat the clock, you'll love the inventive games by Pascal Riben at happynote.com. Meanwhile, you'll also learn how to read notes, rhythms, and rests. There are three different games on this website that you can download for free, plus a more deluxe version of each that you have to pay for.  Warning: It's addictive!   There's also a free tetris game (for note reading) under "freebies." Highly recommended.

Composer Game   From the B.B.C. (British Broadcasting Company). Easy as throwing paint on a wall. A cool, jazzy combo plays the music you've "composed" for them by dragging color bars onto the "score."  No knowledge of music is necessary, nor are you likely to learn anything from the experience.  But it sounds neat with very little effort.

Another game similar to the one above is at P.B.S. kids. The game is called "Global Groovin" and if you've ever wondered what bagpipes and xylophones would sound like together, this is your game.

You might also want to try out their musical lanterns game, in which you can create a melody by clicking on the lanterns. The game plays it back for you (including the length of the pauses between clicks; who knew?)

Fling the teacher!   A school in England hosts this game which tests your musical knowledge. With each correct answer, a piece is added to the catapult. If you get 15 correct answers in a row, you get to watch the teacher getting flung out of the catapult. But it's tricky. One wrong answer ends the game (you might get the same question next time so pay attention to the correct answer when they give it to you). Also, if you don't know that a crochet is what they call a quarter note in England, or that a minum is a half note, you'll soon learn.

How fast can you read notes? The clock is ticking. Try to read as many as you can in 20 seconds. Treble and bass clef, basic level, and advanced level (includes ledger lines). click on the note names with your mouse (from pedaplus.com, a website for piano teachers). There is also a game where you hear two or three notes and have to play them back on the animated keyboard (test your ear).

This one is a hoot. But it also helps test your ear. An animated dog with a German accent (sort of) sits at a piano and sings short melodies which he then asks you to repeat back to him. Give it a try. It's from uptoten.com. Also from uptoten is a game where you can create your own tunes and ::gasp:: they are put on actual musical staves! When you listen to the tunes that you enter by punching numbers on your keyboard you'll find that they've been "jazzed up" a bit.  Which is rather interesting in and of itself.

 If you've found a cool music-related online game let me know! 


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