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My Father's World from "Dialogues"
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This week on the blog:    FRIDAY JUNE 15, 2018

As seen on wikipedia

From time to time I do some checking into the sources of some of my web traffic and discover that it is being referred by wikipedia. Maybe you've heard of them. For the last decade they've been the new almighty online encyclopedia with all of the answers for people who want quick answers to things. Someday an entire generation will grow up without knowing that there were once actual books you could buy that were written by specialists in their fields and took years to assemble. Maybe they are already here.

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"classic" blog: from May 20, 2015

How Long?

I am frequently asked questions about piano playing, probably because I have specifically devoted a page on my website to questions and answers and have invited people to submit theirs. Often they will do it via email so you don't get to see near all of them. And several times lately I have been getting a question relating to how long it ought to take someone to learn something. The person writing (I have read variations on this question on other forums as well) wants to know how long it should take to learn a particular piece, or if the length of time it has taken them is unusually long or satisfyingly normal. One fellow wrote to me a while back wanting to know how long it would take him to learn all of the Chopin Etudes. I considered writing back, "how should I know?"

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Good morning. What if I told you I had an elixir to keep you young and vibrant for three easy installments of $29.95? Or that I'd throw in a couple of pills to regrow your hair and a garden hoe that doubled as a Swiss Army knife and had a built in Television and internet access? Now what would you pay for all that?

It isn't just physical objects that are subject to that sort of incredible sales pitch; we mortals can do the same thing with knowledge. In fact, what got me thinking about all that is a set of three curious little pieces by their even more curious creator, Erik Satie. They are called Gnossiennes, which was a title quite unheard of in the piano literature until Mr. Satie made it up. Can you imagine somebody just making up a word like that? (::cough:: Pianonoise)

Now there are two theories about what this word means.

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Secret Knowledge


The internet is full of interesting questions.
 I try to make my answers just as interesting.

Hello again. This assemblage of words is brought to you for another month by one human being whom you may never have met and who conceived and executed thousands of tiny maneuvers with his hands at a date and time several weeks in the past, then posted them to a machine which is there to serve your need for reading material at any time of the day or night in whatever part of the world you happen to reside.

It all sounds fairly one-sided. I write, you read. But as it happens, I sometimes hear from you guys regarding things Iíve posted on my site, and this monthís effusion is about that phenomenon. Even when you donít write Iím listening.

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