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 "...now that she was doing something difficult and familiar and never quite predictable, namely lying, she felt a sort of mastery again....She had to be careful not to say anything obviously impossible; she had to be vague in some places and invent plausible details in others; she had to be an artist, in short."

--"Northern Lights" (aka "The Golden Compass") by Philip Pullman (p. 282)

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Pianonoise Radio

2017 holiday program

Come take a load off and listen to a few hours of seasonal music for piano and organ.* If you've had enough Jingle Bells for a while this will be perfect. Gone are the well trod holiday requirements (well, mostly) and in their place pieces that have brought me peace and joy over several Christmases when played in church and the concert hall. There's even a guide to the music on the blog filled with pleasant memories, strange anecdotes and stories about the music, if you are in the mood to read and listen. Otherwise, as long as your browser supports the latest HTML version, you can hit PLAY on the first selection and keep listening until the last as it automatically advances. Or you can skip to any selection you like by clicking on the title itself. If the music isn't as loud as you would like you might want to try headphones. This year you can also listen from your phone. Isn't technology something? Now don't get trampled at the mall!

*total playing time 2:13:34

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