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Listen to an hour of piano or organ music from the pianonoise archives. All from the fingers of Michael Hammer, webmaestro, concert pianist and organist.

The Current program: music for the First Heinz Chapel organ recital from May of 2017

My first organ recital in Pittsburgh was for a roomful of doctors attending a national convention! It occurred at the beautiful Heinz Chapel on the campus of the University of Pittsburgh. Unfortunately my recording equipment was not as mobile as I would have liked at the time, so the program you are about to listen to consists of recordings made on other organs at other times, but the musical program is from top to bottom what I played at that first Heinz Chapel recital.

*total playing time = app.  47 minutes

click on the first play button to automatically play the entire program. If play buttons do not appear you may have to play each title separately. Sometimes the play buttons take a few seconds to load.

the program:

Dupre: Prelude and Fugue in B Major, op. 7 no. 1
Dubois: Toccata
Bach: Fugue in g minor, "little organ fugue"
Bach: Fugue in G major, "gigue"
Scheidemann: Canzona
Zipoli: Toccata al post comunio
Noble: Toccatina
Vaughan Williams: Prelude on "Rhosymedre"
Lefebre-Wely: Sortie in Eb
Vierne: Final from Symphony no. 1

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